VistaBreeze  louvers  offer 4” of airflow.  Our unique design features tremendous visibility and airflow when open while  minimizing  water and air penetration  when closed.  The smooth turning crank and operating hardware allow easy airflow adjustments.

Testing performance

Frame specifications                                                                                                                                    

•  T6 aluminum extrusions

•  Screw spline construction

•  Depth: 2.75 inches

•  Width: 1.25 inches

•  Interior sill: 2.50 inches

•  Head: 1.75 inches

Louver specifications

•  T6 aluminum extrusions                                                                                                                       

•  Advanced airflow design

•  Nested gasket inclusion for water resistance

•  Solid 3/8” aluminum reinforcement bar mounted through the frame


Louver Panel features

• Single panel max dimension 36” x 48” stackable to 116”

• Head receptor for easy height adjustments

• Mullion splice for adjacent units

• Optional jamb adapter for adjacent single hung installation

Airflow characteristics

68.52% free area for 36″x 66″ size with no screen


• Rattle-free aluminum framing

• 1/16″ nylon insect screen

Adjustment & locking device

• Smooth, easy turn crank

• Optional left or right crank location

Operating hardware

• Corrosion-resistant components

• Friction free operation

• Die cut aluminum panel torque operators